Strengthen the civil society in Morocco

Our vision is to strengthen local associations with a social aim in Morocco and through this strengthen the Moroccan civil society, through which the citizens will gain easy access to qualified help for various problems (social as well as economical). This will happen through the strengthening of:

  • The mutual cooperation and community between associations
    The project will become a foundation to the many different associations in Morocco facilitating easy knowledge and experience sharing and create an overview of the offers that the civil society can utilize. The website will present the different organizations, their purpose, employees, focus area, activities, opening hours, contact information etc., so that you can easily and quickly find relevant partners. The purpose is thus to strengthen the cooperation between the associations. For example, associations will be able to refer citizens to other associations with ease; this creates a coherent effort for the citizen. Furthermore a professional community that can elevate the co-production in Morocco will be created between the associations.


  • Creating visibility for the various associations for both residents and professionals
    It needs to be easy for associations and professionals to find each other, both on a national and international level. It needs to be possible to have an overview over which actors exist within the specific target areas and identifying their competencies. This will make work easier for professionals that meet the residents that need help on a daily basis. A common platform may also make it easier for the residents themselves to seek help with their problems.


  • Recruitment of volunteers foreign and domestic
    Many have a wish to be a volunteer, but often people don’t know where and how to get started. Here the website can help with the recruitment of volunteers by rendering the work of the associations visible. The website will work as a platform for associations who seek volunteers, but also for volunteers to singlehandedly express their wish to volunteer by writing a short description of themselves and what type of voluntary work they seek.


  • Building bridges between associations and funds and sponsors
    The project has a purpose of building bridges between the associations and national and international funds and sponsors. The website can help interested funds and sponsors to gain a general view of the associations in Morocco that can be supported through financial, material or proffesional Further the website will (help) identify what areas that might need the efforts and where it would make sense to start new projects.