The people behind

It is Sandy W. Madar, Founder and CEO of The Social Legal Aid in Denmark,  who is behind the idea of the project. The idea of the project sprang from a visit to Tangier, Morocco, in the fall of 2018. Sandy participated in a meeting with lawyer Redouan together with project manager Ismail Afilale. Already on the following day Ismail Afilale and Sandy W. Madar met with representatives from one of the local associations called DARNA to present our thoughts on the start-up of the common platform for the voluntary associations; the meeting was a great success. Both of them needs to be thanked for being the major source of inspiration in the development of this project. Thanks a lot!

Next Step

In the spring of 2019 the focus will be on visiting more voluntary associations in Morocco. The purpose is to learn more about voluntariness in Morocco and uncover the needs of the associations, both considering their employees and their associational structure. Furthermore there is of course a desire to create interest for the project, and through this find some good representatives from the voluntary associations, who might have an interest in joining the executive committee of the project. We believe that a commitment from the local associations can help create the attention which is necessary for giving the project life. It is important for us that the project flows from the local associations, which will enable us to solve this important societal task together.

The project’s future

Once the project is up and running we wish to make contact with possible international partners. At first these will be from the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Spain. Here we will search among the larger voluntary associations, communities, companies and more, with the purpose, among other things, of finding international representatives for the Advisory Board; these representatives will contribute actively to the creation of a Center for voluntary associations and volunteers in Tangier.

We expect the organization behind both the national and international project to be done in the spring of 2019, after which the summer will be spent on preparing the formal, legal and practical stuff behind the project. We expect the official opening of the Center for voluntary associations and volunteers in Tangier to take place in August of 2019.

Underneath you can read more about the association as well as our national and international partners. Here you will also be able to read something about our team.