Start an Association

There will always be a need for dedicated people – no matter whether it is in Tangier or other places in Morocco. If the civil society really needs strengthening on locally and national level, so that no citizen will call for help in vain, no matter what they might need, it is necessary for more people to get involved, for example by starting a new project or association that covers the holes, which currently exist in the Moroccan societal structure.

Do you wish to start an association in Tangier, Morocco? Then we will of course be at your disposal with good advice and guidance on how best to do this. At first we would recommend that you search among the current associations and projects in Tangier HERE. Through this you can identify the focus areas which are currently neglected and what possible partners there are among the already existing associations in Tangier.

You are always welcome to contact us through the “contact formula” Here we would like you to briefly explain, what kind of association or project you wish to support. Our competent employees will help you the best they can with navigating the Moroccan juridical system and discuss the necessities when starting an association.