The secretariat

The secretariat will secure the development and operation of the project and the various efforts related to this. The primary task of the secretariat will be to; Identify national and international cooperators, fundraising, the legal work, the financial aspects, recruitment, supervision, the internal and external communication, development of the associations and employees, plan meetings and council associations wanting to start in Morocco.

Besides this, the secretariat will be a crucial link in the start-up phase of the association. The secretariat will be responsible for; creating and developing a webpage, the visibility of the association on social media, establishing an office in Tangier, creating information material and educational material to the leaders of the voluntary associations as well as their volunteers. The secretariat is located in the city of Tangier and is at present time manned by voluntary workers, including the founders of the association.

We are already looking for volunteers in the secretariat. If you think that it sounds like something you would like to be a part of, and want to hear more about how you can become a part of the secretariat.