Our Work

In Morocco the national and international voluntary organizational life plays an important role. Morocco faces a number of societal issues. Because of that it is important, now more than ever, to build a proper community of local actors, who wish to contribute to solve these issues. Our purpose with the project is to create comprehensive overview and transparency of the different options for support that, for now, exist in Tangier, Morocco.

Our secondary purpose is to identify which efforts lack focus and then contribute to the maintenance, development and start-up of new local projects. Further we wish to strengthen the collaboration and community among the voluntary associations in Morocco, as well as in other countries aside from Denmark, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. The Idea of the project is that it will function as a communicative link between the many different national and international associations in the voluntary sector.

The project will, through the already mentioned efforts, strengthen the Moroccan associational life and contribute to the development of it – both on a local and a national level. By contributing to the start-up of voluntary associations and socioeconomic companies the civil community will, alongside their personal responsibility and the cohesion of the country, be strengthened. Civil society actors can become an invaluable contribution to inclusion, citizenship and prevention of loneliness and criminal activities. Because of this we believe that a project like this can help solve important societal issues. At the same time it can become an important alternative to problematic groups and environments. A strong civil society gives the citizens the opportunity to discuss how their community should be organized and how their problems should be handled – and through this, the project finds its relevance to society.

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