The Moroccan Volunteer Emergency Service

Volunteers from around the world come to Morocco every year to work for one of the country’s many associations, including ICVs member associations. The volunteers’ work are important, but they may face a wide array of challenges during their stay, such as language barriers, isolation, culture shock and the lack of support structures. Many are also not familiar with the laws and they risk being left stranded in a foreign country without medicine, cash or passport and without the means to support themselves. All of the above is enormously traumatic and the right services of help thus must be put in place.

As the International Community for Volunteers and Associations in Tangier (ICVA), we take great responsibility for our volunteers’ safety, while they are here. We have therefore launched MO:VES; The Moroccan Volunteer Emergency Service, which is a service under ICVA in Tangier, Morocco, providing international volunteers under ICVA, who unfortunately become victims of crime and other traumatic incidents, with immediate and comprehensive support. MO:VES works with both national and international agencies and associations to ensure that our volunteers receive extensive support in the aftermath of a crime or an accident.

Our help will be free and confidential and be open from the beginning of 2020, from where we will always be open to our volunteers’ calls or emails if they or anyone they know requires our help. We therefor aspire to offer this service by sponsorships and hope to receive widespread support of our work to build a stronger civil community – not only in Tanger, but the rest of Morocco – with the help of the local, national and international associations.




Do you need help?

If you, as ICVAs volunteer, is the victim of or witness to a crime in Morocco or have been in an accident etc. it is important that you get the right help as soon as possible. No matter what has happened, we can help you get the help you need, whether it is contacting the local police, the hospital or your embassy, to cancel credit cards, block your phone number etc. We are here to assist you all the way and guide you to the right places to get help – you are not alone!.

We can:

  • assist with language barriers
  • contact to the embassy, police, hospital, doctor, family etc.
  • help you understand local and national laws, rules and traditions
  • assist with cancelling credit cards; phone numbers etc. in case of theft
  • help re-issuing stolen flight tickets and re-scheduling flights
  • help arrange (new) transportation
  • assist with medical needs, glasses hearing aids etc.
  • arrange overnight stays and meals in case of emergency
  • …and much more! You can contact us if you need any

We can’t help with:

  • Financial Assistance
  • Replacing or retrieving stolen items

From the beginning of 2020 MO:VES will open for service for ICVAs Volunteers’, but if you as a future volunteer, businesses partner, association – nationally or international – have any questions about MO:VES, please contact us by phone (for Morocco) +212 (0) 688-840-686 / (for EU – Denmark) + 45 51 34 13 70 or by mail.

What to come….

MO:VES is working hard to get all the features for the website up and running with the help and support from the Irish Tourist assistance service (ITAS) as well as collaborating with the Danish Business Academy in Aarhus to create an app and information folders, so that MO:VES activities and services can be known and easily accessed by all our volunteers and partners. Many of these features will be finished over the next months, while we are preparing for the arrival of our international ICVA volunteers in 2020. 

Thank you to…

We would like to thank the Irish Tourist assistance service for believing in our vision from the beginning and supporting us in the developing of MO:VES  – in all its ups and downs – as well as the Danish Business Academy Aarhus for helping us create the MO:VES app and the Social Legal Aid in Denmark for creating MO:VES and the design. This would never have been possible without your help!.

 Support MO: VES

We need all the support we can get in our help to build up and run this free service for the many volunteers that comes to Tanger (and in the future all Morocco) every year to help strengthen the local associations as well as help up build up the civil society. A donation can take many forms – materials, finances or knowledge, we gratefully accept if all. If you want to help us in our quest please contact us.

The story behind


During a visit in Tangier in February 2019, the founder of ICVA had a very unpleasant experience that made it obvious that the safety net in Tangier was not working as it should. This claim was only further proved by the founder’s next visits.

These experiences made the founder think about how she, despite her many merits, where not able to feel safe navigating in the Moroccan system. If she, a mother of three girls, president for the Social Legal aid in Denmark and the European community ECDN in Brussel and now also elected president of ICVA, the voluntary Moroccan association that strives to bring even more volunteers to the associations of Tangier, was not able to feel safe – how would everybody else manage to?

This led to spending a lot of time investigating the different security systems set in place for the future volunteers and the solution was found during a business trip to Ireland, and quickly a partnership between ITAS (Ireland), the Social Legal Aid (Denmark) and ICVA (Morocco) was sent in place and the first building blocks to MO:VES was laid.