Upgrading voluntary efforts in Morocco

Our mission is to contribute to the upgrading of the associations and their volunteers through an intranet that is created in collaboration with relevant foreign and domestic actors. The intranet will be used by different associations and their employees – first by associations located in Tangier. Our mission to upgrade the associations has the purpose of supplementing the project’s main vision of strengthening the local associations with a social aim in Morocco. This will happen through:

  • Creation of toolboxes for leaders and volunteers
    On the websites’ intranet the associations will, in the long run, be able to find videos and other materials that have been created in collaboration with, among others, educational institutions, voluntary associations and private companies, foreign and domestic. This material has the purpose of functioning as tools for learning and will help the associations rise up to the challenge that they were created to solve. The material will, for example, contain leadership competences, organization, fundraising, first aid (emergency treatment), hygiene, legal politics and more. The material will have the purpose of upgrading, motivating and inspiring the associations on management-, employee- and volunteer level.
  • Certification of the managers and the volunteers including assurance of the quality of the associations
    The goal is for the intranet to contain qualified teaching- and course material for the education of the volunteers, which will be accessible to all associations in Morocco. With roots in The Social Legal Aid’s many years of experience with the education of volunteers, and input from other relevant participants, teaching material about ethical rules and different process descriptions will be created (for each of the social, legal and economical areas). Furthermore the intranet will contain teaching material aimed the managements of the associations as well as their volunteers.
  • Facilitating meetings for and with the associations also including the international
    The intranet will also become a base for the arrangement and coordination of meetings between the different associations in Morocco. Ongoing meetings will be held, which is essential for the establishment of a common front on societally relevant subjects and to make a common effort on lobbyism. Through the meetings, the different associations will have the opportunity to debate different problems and experiences in relation to their work. With the meetings, the associations will realize that they have many societal issues in common, through which they can find a common interest and take common action.
  • Create a platform for cooperation between the associations on the judicial political area
    With roots in the meetings, the intranet will become a platform for associational cooperation on the social political areas. The intranet will function as a forum for communication between the associations; this creates a platform for the preparation of common political applications, contribution to debates, campaigns and more. With this, the association’s judicial political community will be strengthened and their voice in the political landscape will be stronger. This will benefit both the political effort, civil society and in the end the Moroccan people.