Community for Volunteers and Associations

We apire to become a community for volunteering associations in Morocco, with headquarter in Tangier.

Moroccos volutary structure is, seen from the outside, confusing. This greatly impacts the people’s opportunity to get the help they need, as they are not able to maneuver between the different organisations.

This is the reason for the birth of CVA.

Our goal is to ensure prosperity in Morocco through a strong community – created by collaboration between the voluntary organisations. CVA thus aim to create a community for volunteers and voluntary associations in Morocco, hereby making all the good work being done out their visible for the average citizen.

CVA’s goal is further to help strenghtening the associations, so they can live up to their full potential, The founders of CVA have many years of experience and expertise with volunteering work and through this we help our new members to ensure the best possible help for the local citizens and thereby strengthen the civil society in Morocco.