Global goals

Our goals and the UN

The UN agreed in 2015 on 17 global goals. The purpose is to create a continuous sustainable development among all the countries in the world. The focus points within the goals are comprehensive and includes end of poverty and inequality. Other topics are general health and happiness, peace, partnerships, educations and the environment. 

Finally to summarize this project will directly/indirectly help fulfill 10 of the 17 goals set by the UN. It will happen by improving the opportunities for cooperation in the communities and in that way strengthen the economy locally and nationally.

Goal 1-3: End poverty, stop starvation and improve general health

One of the goals for Center for Voluntary Organizations and Volunteers is to enhance cooperation between various organizations and the local community. The hope is that through the involvement of voluntariness and through the cooperation between the organizations it will help using the full potential of society.

Goal 5: Gender equality

Research shows that the more diversity you encounter in your daily life the more including/accepting you will be as a human being. Therefore we have reason to believe that this project will create more equality between genders. It would be the natural effect when you give everyone the opportunity to work no matter what gender to which you identify.

Goal 8+10: Decent work, economic growth and reduced inequalities

The voluntary work will give the volunteers some new skills that might help them find jobs. If they already have jobs their new set of skills might make them more efficient. If more people get jobs and become more efficient it would cause a growing productivity and therefore economic growth in the country thus working for goal number 8 and 10.

Goal 9: Industry innovation and infrastructure

If this project helps create economic growth it would benefit the national industry and therefore create a bigger national income through taxes. That extra income could for example be spend on improving the infrastructure in Morocco. At the same time the cooperation between the organizations most likely will result in sharing of information and knowledge, which leads to new innovative ideas to improve daily life.

Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

It is estimated that a significant part of the Moroccan population that lives in the mountainous areas over the next following years will lose a substantial amount of their income. The hope is that with this project it will be possible to establish solutions to solve this problem. A way of doing so can be to strengthen the local industries and in that way create more work in the communities.

Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

Throughout the implementation of this project we will make sure that the organization will help create effective and transparent institutions and also make sure that the decision-making is based on inclusion and involvement. This will strengthen the existing institutions and also help create new ones.

Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals

The primary goal for Center for Voluntary Organizations and Volunteers is to strengthen both national and global partnerships. Early on, the purpose will be to create transparency within the organization and to discover the potential Tangier already contains. Secondary we have to identify which efforts lack focus and also contribute and support new local projects.