Get involved – We need you! 

Want to be a part of something bigger than your self – and something that will not only helps victims in Morocco, but also help put focus on victims legal rights as well as social policys to help after the crime Then Victim Support Morocco is the place for you!

We are looking for new volunteers in Tangier, Morocco and in Aarhus / Copenhagen, Denmark. In Denmark, we are primarily looking for staff to help with the development of the project. Our team in Morocco will carry out its vision.  

We are therefore also looking for many different professional profiles, and we offer a wide range of work assignments. Because working with victims takedifferent skills. We are not only obliged to make sure that the victims get the right help, but also that VSM have the right partners.  

Depending on where you live, your educational background and work experiencewhat languages you speak, your work interests or whether you would like to work as a volunteer or be a part of our internshipprogram in Morocco or Denmark from September 2021 – then we would really like to hear from you. But the most important thing is that you feel passionate about helping victims and making a difference where you can. You can also work as a volunteer though our online platform from everywhere in the Europe.

  • Click on Denmark, (somewhere else in) Europe or Morocco depending on where you live 
  • Fill out the online application form for either Denmark, Europe or Morocco depending on where you live – here you will learn more about which positions we offer and which profiles we are looking for 
  • If your profile fits our needs, you will be contacted to arrange an online interview. If the interview goes well, you will be selected as one of our volunteers or furture interns. 
  • As a part of our team, you will receive extensive training in active listening skills, the criminal justice system; crime victims’ rights and resources available in Morocco.  
  • If you are applying for the position as a victim counselor you will get assigned a mentor. This mentor is an experienced volunteer or staff member who will support as well as supervise you.  

Would you like to hear more about how you can be a part of the VSM team and how you can help  victims in Morocco? Read more below on how you can become a volunteer or our furture intern – we are looking forward to hearing from you! 


 Are you living in Denmark and would like to be a part of the Secreatary that supports our team in Morocco in their work with victims and the further develop VSM?



Are you living in Morocco and would like to help victims with emotaional support, counseling and practical help, as well as help develop the VSM in Morocco? 


Are your association working with victims or would you like to help victims in Morocco?