Focus Areas

We will in the short and in the long run have several focus areas. At first these will be to create some communication platforms, for example through social media such as Instagram and Facebook. To this the website, which can functions as a display window for the citizens, who wish to work as volunteers in one of Tangier’s (in the long run Morocco’s) many voluntary projects. The website will also contribute to the clarification of the project for the international funds, who wishes to find associations as well as projects to support. The communication platform will have many functions as well as purposes – but most importantly, it has the purpose of creating a general view and transparency.

The primary focus area will be to strengthen the current voluntary associations both on associational, management-, and on the voluntary level. Here we think of anything from development of tools, courses, workshops and lectures aimed at the different roles as well as efforts in the voluntary associations, development of the common intranet, strengthening the association’s use of social media, recruitment of volunteers and much more. You will be able to read more about this in the future.