Executive commitee

The association behind the project will be founded at a general assembly in Tangier (Morocco) in the spring of 2019. The general assembly will revolve around the questions of confirming articles of association, timetable and work schedule on areas of effort, and to elect an Executive committee consisting of the founders and key persons, who have inspired the project.

The Executive committee is to meet every third month to establish the overarching guidelines for the work of the project and to confirm decisions about accessions of new stakeholders in the organization. The decisions are made in close cooperation with the secretariat and the local associations/projects. The Executive committee will secure the future operation and development. Besides that, it is a task of the Executive committee to contribute to the development of the local associations, including their economy, administrative assignments and more.

The Executive committee will consist of; the founders of the association, local representatives from the voluntary associations and relevant professionals within both the private and the public sector. The long-term goal of the project is to be led by the Executive committee, with gradually less and less help from the international partners.