In Denmark will we be looking for English, French, Arabic and Spanish speaking volunteers and interns with different educational backgrounds, to help us with the many tacks of running an association in Morocco with an international target group. Your assignments will depend on your educational and professional background as well as your interests. The assignments include, but are not confined to e.g. international networking, hereunder establishing contact with potential international partners and further developing on existing partnerships, helping our team on the ground in Morocco in forming local partnerships, develop tools and methods for victims and/or witnesses in Morocco, arranging meetings between local partners, internal as well as external communication, managing e.g. our app, web site or social media, telephonic, written or personal counselling for our team on the ground – and much more.

We expect to start recruiting in the beginning of 2020, both in relation to our volunteer positions in the spring as well as our intern positions in the fall, where you will have the chance to intern in Morocco, working in our office or with one of the volunteer organizations that ICVA is working with.

Start your jouney!

Want to be on Team Denmark? If that sounds like something for you or if you are curious to know more about how to become an intern or volunteer and our work – please do not hesitate to reach out and hear about our work. We have a limited number of positions available, so reach out if you are interested.