One hand can’t clap alone – neither can we.

The creation MOVES would never have been possible without the support from our partners – to make the dream of creating a safety net for international volunteers in case of emergency situations while in Morocco a reality, we will need an even bigger network. The more partners, the safer the volunteers. Not only on a local and national level in Morocco, but also around Europe, to help with the follow-up and aftercare of cross boarder victims in their own country.

MOVES is now ready to contact relevant officials and victim support associations in Morocco as well as around Europe to make new partnerships, in order to offer our services from in Tangier from the summer of 2020 – and hopefully in a near future, in many more cities in Morocco.

    Are you the one we are looking for?

    Is your association working with witnesses or victims of crime? Would you like to help strengthen the safety net for international volunteers – of your nationality – should they be so unfortunate to become victims of or witness to a crime or accident while in Morocco? Or maybe your association or company works with something that could be relevant in the help of our cross-border victims, e.g. clothes, phones or other items you may need as a victim of a crime far away from home?  

    Then we should talk!