Become a Volunteer

There are a number of possibilities for you, if you wish to become a volunteer at one of the many voluntary associations or at ICVA.

Under “Associations” you search for the areas of interest you wish to work with; you can also read more about the projects that are currently looking for volunteers, what the work as a volunteer is about, how you come under consideration as a volunteer for one of these projects and when, where and how to apply for the positions.

If you wish to hear more generally about the work as a volunteer in Morocco feel free to contact us. We can help you figuring out what you especially need to be aware of, if you wish to work as a volunteer in Morocco; we can also help you find the right association or project for you to engage in, and tell you more about the typical work assignment that you will encounter and the working hours you can expect from the volunteer position.

There are plenty of fantastic projects and associations and through them plenty of opportunities to become a volunteer – if you have or are working on obtaining a relevant education, and want to help; then apply for a position as a volunteer at one of the associations or through the “Contact formula”.

We expect to open the first volunteer positions in the spring of 2019; they will primarily be clerical staff, where you among other things will become part of a development team, whose most important task will be to carry out the project’s vision.