Advisory Board

The aim of our Advisory board is to have relevant and qualified representatives – National and international professionals, firms and associations that want to strengthen the many voluntary associations, to strengthen the civil society in Tangier and the rest of Morocco. This professional community has the purpose of securing that the project is based in a nuanced and complete understanding of society.

The members of the Advisory Board need to secure the development of the association and its many members. It also needs to support with the task of the legal work, press relations and distribution of knowledge as well as innovation, societal development, proposing legislation and pilot schemes.

The association’s Advisory board will assist the Executive committee and the secretariat in the establishment of a public profile, with particular focus on the needs of the voluntary associations. It can also help with the establishment of various initiatives in favor of the many associations connected to the project. The Advisory Board will contribute to the public debate in the voluntary sector, and the many problems they handle on a daily basis.

We are now looking for members for the Advisory Board, such as former and current politicians, professionals within a relevant field and so on. We are especially looking for members willing to be ambassadors to the project, as well as contributing to the political work and the development of the local associations. If you want to hear more about how you can become a member of our Advisory Board and how you, your association, school or firm can help, please email us via our contact formula.