About us

The Social Legal Aid is a voluntary Danish association who constantly searches for inspiration outside the Danish borders with the aim to both gain and pass on inspiration to other associations in Europe – and now Africa too.

In 2016 we found our way to Morocco through the project (www.thcme.dk). Here we were presented with the associational life in among other places, Tangier, which became the starting point of our Moroccan adventure. With the research of the actors in the voluntary sector came the idea for the project and for the further search for the right national and international partners.

We quickly found out that Morocco doesn’t have the communities for (local) voluntary associations, nor is there tradition for cooperation between citizens, judicial policy subjects, discussions of fundraising, certification of the volunteers and more. Because of this, our first – and largest – challenge was to find the many local associations. With this, it became clear to us that we had to start the project somewhere else entirely. We had to start by creating transparency about the Moroccan associations’ activities – with a starting point in Tangier. To do this we created a common internal (intranet) and external (website) platform, where the associations in Morocco can find each other, and learn more about the capabilities of one another and through this open the possibility for discussion.

Through a strong community we can strengthen the associations nationally and raise the chances for better knowledge sharing, quality development and discussions across associations. We believe that a strong civil society will make the foundation for a democratic society. A strong civil society is what binds together different actors, and through this it creates greater cohesion. Civil society is furthermore the fertile soil from which democratic values, trust and personal responsibility grows. That is why we need a project like this – a project that makes the possibilities of cooperation between the voluntary associations clear, and creates the knowledge that the civil society is missing in order to supply the right capabilities and in the end raise the community feeling.

We believe that the project can create a lasting and constructive contribution to the development of Tangier (Morocco), with which the local forces can obtain the necessary resources to become a front runner, and create positive change.

Underneath you can read more about who is behind the project, and also the structure of the association. Under News you can read more about why and how the project started, and you can follow our work as we progress.