When I went to Tangier in February 2019 to work on our project The International Community for Volunteers and Associations (www.icfvaa.com), I had a very unpleasant experience, where it was very obvious that the safety net in Tangier.

Morocco isn’t working as it should – Apart from Hotel Kenzi, where I was staying, who took a lot of responsibility and offered their help if needed.

The unpleasant experience made me think; like, for instance, how I, as a mother of three girls and president for an association driven by volunteers who want to bring even more volunteers to the associations of Tangier, not even were able to feel safe the navigate in the Moroccan system?

This meant that – after staying in my hotel room for two days – the rest of the trip was spent at the tourist information office, the local police, and other relevant officials to find out how the Moroccan system works for cross-boarder victims.

From here on, all my future work-related travels to Ireland and Holland as well as the contact with my network in e.g. Rumania, Germany, France and Spain was spent on researching the respective countries and their security systems for e.g. tourists, where Irelands www.itas.ie was very impressive and inspiring in relation to Tangier and Morocco.